March 17, 2017 Volume 1
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Insights by Vestigo Ventures

Start-ups are exciting. Start-ups are challenging but most of all start-ups can provide real returns that match their real risk. At Vestigo Ventures, we are working to find these companies. This process starts with insights into markets, business, and change. You will find our thoughts here in our monthly news update, Envision. Enjoy and feel welcome to share!

January 20, 2017, was a momentous day for the country and for Vestigo Ventures.
We are inspired every day at Vestigo. We are on the ground floor of the FinTech ecosystem seeing business plans from over 250 entrepreneurs so far.
After many years of watching and managing changing companies, I have a few thoughts on the financial services market.
Ah, Blockchain — You are everywhere we look these days at Vestigo. This is a good outcome if it results in an investable business.
Investor Meeting, Kendall Square, Cambridge

Please save the date, June 14th, 2017, for our 2nd Annual Investor Event. Join us for an evening to learn and mingle with Vestigo Ventures, Limited Partners, our portfolio companies, and unique speakers from the FinTech industry.

Boston FinTech Showcase, John Hancock Innovation Center

Vestigo attended the Boston FinTech Showcase on March 6th hosted by John Hancock, FinTech Sandbox, DCU FinTech Innovation Center, and the Boston FinTech Meetup. It was a strong showing bringing together the ecosystem to support startups and help technologies thrive. Several new deals have been added to our pipeline.

SXSW, Austin TX

Vestigo attended SXSW this week. We followed the interactive track covering technology topics in a variety of areas. This included watching a really well done pitch stage for FinTech start-ups. The extensive programs put FinTech into context and validated the Vestigo Ventures premise for investing. More to come as we debrief from the conference and add to our deal pipeline.

Portfolio Updates
Increase aligns with recent Hearts & Wallets research finding investors value and will pay for tax optimization.
The Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule for retirement accounts has taken center stage in the wealth management world. 
In 2016, the impending DoL Fiduciary Rule drove many firms to re-evaluate their operating models. 
Industry News
“FinTech” is one of the most talked about buzzwords in finance these days.
Why is an expert on disruptive technology worried about financial innovation?
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