August 19, 2017 Volume 6
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Lazy Daze of Summer

We have not seen the lazy days just yet at Vestigo. We have continued our parade of start-ups coming looking for funding which makes for a busy August. We have been working with many prospective LP's and have had a number of family offices and individuals joining the fund.  August is not so lazy.

We also plan to pick up a book on FinTech, Big Data and various technology topics. While these may not be as gripping as the latest Amor Towles novel (check out A Gentleman in Moscow), they will give us insight into how we should interact with the fast moving world of technology. Any suggestions are welcomed from our readers.

Dave & Mark

Seeing the Cape, Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire is a summer ritual in New England. Everyone has their favorite and many have long family histories of visiting the same town or even the same house in these spots year after year.  

I am often filled with wonder most days in Cambridge, as I see the latest technology and meet super smart entrepreneurs. But summer brings out a time of reflection for me. As I reflect over the past couple of years, it’s social media that makes me wonder: Is this the best way to connect with the world?

Like many, I truly love books as resources to learn new ideas and gain insights. Knowing some of our readers may have some vacation time in August, we thought we’d take this opportunity to give you a few ideas.

Portfolio Updates

Wealth industry experts say a growing recognition of the value of rigorous tax efficiency across household accounts gives traditional financial advisors a potential advantage over no-frills rivals.

Trio of partnerships offers Thomson Reuters customers the resources to grow managed accounts revenue; bolsters portfolio of service provider partnerships.

LifeYield featured in Financial Advisor IQ as “the only one doing tax efficiency comprehensively across household accounts.”

Industry News

Legacy institutions could see their profits cut in half if they fail to evolve digitally.

What is a blockchain and what is it for?

It is an exciting time for FinTech entrepreneurs, investors, consumers and other stakeholders. The sector has gone through an unprecedented period of innovation and disruption over the last few years.

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