October 16, 2017 Volume 8
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G stands for Gig or for General Partner

We continue to great about the opportunities for value creation for investors in early stage investing for FinTech. We are leveraging our Cogo Labs data insights as well as our extensive network. We have received over 300 business plans from some great entrepreneurs looking for our help. 

We have made three investments. Two of them have had significant write ups in value recently.  

Fundraising has picked up momentum as we meet more and more investors looking for sector-specific, early-stage FinTech funds. We have lots of corporations and institutional investors digging into the data room and engaging with us in conversation.

This issue will cover the gig economy. We’ll share our thinking on this growing, important new work trend and insight into the ways employees are reshaping how they work. Very empowering. 

Dave & Mark

Ray Wang from Constellation Research discusses his consultancy and digital disruption. 

Got a Gig as a Blog Writer...Here is the Result.

Work is changing for so many professionals. Welcome to the hustle — whether it’s a side gig to supplement full-time traditional employment or multiple gigs to keep things interesting and provide different experiences. 

I recently had the honor to represent Vestigo Ventures at the Massachusetts Cyber Security Forum. This first invitation-only event of its kind was organized by Governor Baker’s office. It brought together the state's best cybersecurity companies, public sector and state government agencies, R&D centers and universities, and members of the investment community to discuss the value of private and public partnerships

I was honored to be asked to speak to a crowd of fifty or so last month at Boston’s first-ever FinTech week. 

Vestmark has been on a tear for a long time now. The company now has more than 2.1MM customer accounts and over $700B of assets on the platform. Vestmark continues to grow at an incredible clip; top line revenue grew an amazing 42% in 2016, and the company is on pace for another strong year in 2017.

Industry News

Packed with research, exercises, and interviews, this eye-opening book gives practical professional and personal strategies. 

About 8 percent of U.S. adults earn money by doing contract work through so-called “gig economy” employers like Uber, Favor, or Amazon Mechanical Turk, according to the Pew Research Center

The McKinsey Global Institute examines all the ways people are earning income, as well as the challenges independent work presents.

3 Lessons of Gig Economy Startup Task Rabbit in Forbes. 

Paradigm-shifting forces such as cognitive technologies and the open talent economy are reshaping the future workforce, driving many organizations to reconsider how they design jobs, organize work, and plan for future growth.

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