November 22, 2017 Volume 9
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GP Perspectives

After a long career at LPL Financial, Mark is now fully engaged at Vestigo. He is loving the entrepreneurial life, helping start-ups and working with our LP’s.

Who needs a corner office when you have a bull pen of great partners like Dave, Ian and Mike?

The topic of robos often dominates conversations on what is happening in wealth management. They have done a good job of repricing the market but it is clear that the winning model includes human help and understanding. This drives the need for new tools and ideas to shape advisor practices. This is the focus of this issue.

Check out the interview with Andy Putterman on the state of wealth management.

Dave & Mark

Envision Interview with Andy Putterman

This video is about Vestigo Ventures, and new technologies in the market place.

Advisors need easy and fast access to content to help them make better investment decisions and engage their clients and prospects. A number of companies deliver this kind of content. 

What is the Meaning of Money? How Much is Enough? What is Your Number?

For advisors, being able to help retail clients answer these questions is a step on the path to success. If I learned anything from my experience leading one of the country’s largest independent brokerage and advisory firms, it’s that the best advisors know how to get to the right answers.

What the world needs now is.... a way to lower the cost of advice. Being Chairman of the Vestmark board since its formation, I have seen the power of lowering costs at work at leading financial services firms.

Where is the Advisor? And What is the Wow?

I see many plans from businesses every week, trying to help investors and advisors get to great outcomes. In respect to an approach to support financial advice, some are more plausible than others.

Portfolio Updates
Congratulations to Mira Wilczek, Cogo Labs!
Congratulations to Mira for being honored in Boston Business Journal's 40 Under 40 and on the recent birth of her son. 

“Everybody in the room can actually invest right from their seat in like three clicks,” said Jason Frishman, founder and CEO of Boston-based Netcapital.

Industry News
Future Investment Management Trends Poised to Benefit Investors: Study

Technological innovations and social pressure to be more responsive to client needs are pushing advisors in a more ethical direction.

If you're a financial advisor, these 7 tech tools are a must-have to grow your business. And if you don't already have number one, you're way behind...

Articles on Financial Advisor Technology, Advisor FinTech, and WealthTech, by Michael Kitces of the Nerd's Eye View blog.

What's the Next Emerging Technology for Advisers?

FinTech firms to embrace Alexa, holograms and more to help advisers deliver financial help to clients.

A number of metrics are strong predictors of revenue growth and share price.

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