February 20, 2018 Volume 12
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We have had a busy couple of months at Vestigo, finding some very interesting companies to consider investing in for the fund. In this update, we have two to tell you about with 4 to 5 others in the hopper for consideration. 

We will focus this issue on Big Data. It is an area that is dear to us, given our relationship with Cogo Labs. Dave has many years of experience digging into data to find interesting ideas and companies to build. 

In our first collaboration, many years ago, one of our first collaborations was CourseAdvisor. It’s a great example of the success we can achieve with the data and analytics coming out of Cogo Labs. In addition, it underscores the importance of data analysis to understanding what consumers want. In the case of CourseAdvisor, the need was to build up educational credentials. 

Today, we use Cogo Labs data to find and fund FinTech start-ups. Even when the company comes to us via our network, we still run its information in the data for insight on competitors and the activities attracting  the most interest from consumers. It is a powerful tool.

Dave & Mark

Envision Interview with Mira Wilczek

Mira Wilczek from Cogo Labs talked to us about data and how it is changing.

I have been around data my entire career. In the early days, it was about using small volumes of data to cross-sell to consumers. Today, it’s about teasing out the nuances and relationships in massive amounts of data.

As I spend more time around Cogo Labs’ search features and functions, I often find myself blown away by the power of startups that are able to get SEO and SEM right. At Vestigo, we use a tool called Minerva.

We live in a world of ever expanding data. Data is being generated at an exponential rate from our connected homes, connected cars and wearable technology. Every day, the global data set grows.

I spend a great deal of time digging into data with the team at Cogo Labs. My “go to” data geek is Mike Perry, who joined Cogo only 18 months ago, but I’ve also had the opportunity to work with a number of other, high-IQ folks on the Cogo team. Every one of them is smart about data and committed to seeking the truth(s) in it.  

Portfolio Updates

Micronotes is a PaaS cloud-based marketing automation company that helps with targeted, automated interview technology that combines machine learning-driven analytics and in-branch sales interviews. The company is lead by Devon Kinkead, CEO, and Christian Klacko, COO.

We are pleased to get our first exposure to the world of digital assets. These assets include crypto currencies like Bitcoin as well as ICO’s. 

Today, new tools are digitizing everything from client onboarding and portfolio construction to back-office operations and compliance. Fintech has expanded who has access to financial advice and how advisers serve their clients.

The New Industry Standard for Tax-Efficient Household Portfolio Management Launches at the T3 Advisor Conference with Riskalyze as its First Integration Partner. 

Fintech Looks to the Future of Financial Advice at T3

Vendors pitched latest innovations to prepare advisers for digital disruption.

Micronotes Adds Another MIT Scientist To Advisory Board

Micronotes, Inc., an AI-enabled marketing automation firm today announced that Rebecca Yale Taft has joined the Micronotes advisory board as a database expert.

Interesting News
Big Data Combined With Machine Learning Helps Businesses Make Much Smarter Decisions

Machine learning unveils the hidden potentials of big data to solve complex business problems.

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